Lady__Quill’s Most Inspiring Streamers On Twitch

Lady__Quill’s Most Inspiring Streamers On

Normally I write in Dutch on this blog. Also, this blog is more a book blog. Because I was an concertreporter in the past and music inspires me a lot when I write book reviews/ stories, I wanted an dedicated-to-Twitch “online book”. My name is Lady__Quill on Twitch and here are my most inspiring streamers.


Chapter One:
Lady__Quill’s First Inspiring Streamers (Link to this Page Online Soon)

Mentioned: ortoPilot, maxadrums, Flewp, veryhandsomebilly, MattGaddy, MitchBruzzese, DarthRipz, Miss_Mary_Lu, EtcKid, thomasfrank93, sanni_maya, RealBigTinyTimTim, Chainbrain, DanDrumStone, DomPalombiMusic and LadyTeijal.

Chapter Two:
Meeting More Inspiring Streamers
(Page Under Construction)
Mentioned: JonAndJosh, WAXWANEmusic, daniel_wayne, FacelessClown, ….

Other Inspiring People On Twitch To Mention
Extra Twitch Content

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What is Twitch? is a online website that offers live digital audio and video broadcasting service and building blocks to create a community around liveshows on their platform.
Officially meant for showing viewers game related material, twitch now allows for other subjects as well.
Hosts can tie the community into their streams by (paid)subscriptions, playing community-games and/or hosting events. Subscriptions to channels strengthens communities and may offer the person who is subscribed additional perks on the channel they are subscribed to. Subscriptions are bought, and can be gifted to another user and there is a division in tiers. Usually the channel’s unique chat emotes are unlocked for the viewer with the lowest tier  subscription, but it’s up to the host what extras are available at what tier.
One of the customs on Twitch is when a host is at the end of their stream to “raid” another streamer. By “raiding” the host leads their viewers to another host’s liveshow.
I received a subscription to ortoPilot’s channel as a gift and that’s how Twitch for me really started.